Atlas Technologies’ custom and CF bimetal flange solutions - Today's Medical Developments

2022-04-26 02:43:18 By : Ms. Ying Li

Using proprietary and state-of-the-art explosive bonding technology, custom bimetallic flanges offer customers a highly durable stainless-steel sealing face bonded to a lightweight aluminum body. These bimetallic flanges enable reliable UHV sealing for aluminum vacuum chambers. Aluminum chambers outperform stainless chambers because they can be light weight, have high thermal conductivity, are nonmagnetic, and have low hydrogen and minimum neutron activation. Atlas CF Flanges are available with between 20% and 40% thinner stainless-steel content – depending on flange size – than standard flanges.

Rectangular Bore CF Flanges can be made with custom apertures including unique rectangular or oval knife-edge geometry. Through their experience in machining bimetal components, Atlas can provide all manner of specialized bores on their standard stainless steel/aluminum components as well other metal combinations including aluminum to copper bonding and aluminum to titanium bonding.

OEMs as well as end users often require both standard and custom bimetal components that will not break down under the stress of high vacuums and varying temperatures. Applications include medical, thin film, cryogenics, and aerospace, among others.