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2022-04-26 02:44:38 By : Ms. Joe Chen

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Zach Overholt

Known for pushing the limits of bike design, the bikes of Rob English almost always attract a lot of attention. At Sea Otter though, it wasn’t only the bike that was drawing a crowd. The gorgeous English Cycles all road bike was running a unique set of brakes custom made by Cane Creek.

When it comes to rim brakes, some models struggle to fit much bigger than a 28mm tire. Not these. The prototype eeBrakes from Cane Creek were designed to fit up to a 44mm tire–like these 700c x 44mm Snoqualmie Pass tires from ReneHerse.

As of the show, Cane Creek had no plans of taking them to production, but obviously, they could if there was demand.

The bike was loaded with incredible parts including a one-piece CNC machined cassette and other Cane Creek products like the eeWings titanium cranks. For more on this bike, check out Ron’s ‘awesomely interesting’ bike round-up.

Elsewhere in the booth, Cane Creek was showing off their new purple eeWings preload adjuster rings which will replace gold as an option.

The other news came in the form of their new Hellbender Lite bearings with a hybrid steel and aluminum bearing design for the best blend of weight and durability. Get the full rundown on the new headsets here.

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Zack, what size rim outer width (min – max) are they designed for? Is it wider than than the current model that is sold? These could be good fit for people running really wide clincher rims even with 28mm tires.

I doubt it, as the reach measurement would be wrong. You wouldn’t be able to adjust the pads high enough.

I saw this bike a Sea Otter, and while Rob makes stunning machines most rim brake road/gravel bikes aren’t clearing big tires unless you go with a custom frame. >1% or less of the ridership. Cane Creek can surely explore, but they’re not going to find many raising their hands.

There are other options like Centerpull brakes. The Rene Herse version can fit up to 55mm tire. The advantage is that you can use flexier fork blades than disc brake forks for a much smoother ride. The caveat is that this only works with custom frames as the Centerpull brakes work best when the pivots attach to special braze on.

The RH centrepulls will not clear 55mm tyres; 47-50 maybe, without fenders. Wider than that needs cantis, V-brakes, etc.

My finances cannot afford these brakes going into production

What is that derallieur pulley?

Looks like an Ogle. He’s only on IG…

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