Hardness Testing Gets Automated | Quality Magazine

2023-03-22 19:31:06 By : Ms. Lisa Li

  Bill O’Neill is director, business development and sales at Wilson Hardness, an Instron ITW Co. (Norwood, MA). For more information, e-mail bill_oneill@instron.com or visit www.wilson-hardness.com.

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Hardness Testing Gets Automated | Quality Magazine

This webinar aims to look at new CMM technology offerings, specifically within the automotive sector, analyzing the differences between the main competitors using real-world data and demonstrating why Laser Radar is a key technology in this future of measurement.

Vision-guided robotics (VGR) utilizing both 2D and 3D imaging solutions remains one of the hottest technologies and applications within the industrial automation space. In this webinar, we will look into the recent evolution of VGR as it tackles new and emerging applications.

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Hardness Testing Gets Automated | Quality Magazine

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